NASA has developed a new way to quickly charge electric vehicles

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA scientists have presented a method for ultra-fast charging of batteries for electric cars. This was reported on the website of the national government.

The new technology was developed by NASA engineers and scientists at Purdue University, and according to experts, it is primarily intended for use in space missions.

A special charging cable can provide up to 2400 amps of current and will allow charging electric vehicles in five minutes.

The researchers described the Boiling and Condensation in Flow (FBCE) method, which allows experiments with two-phase fluid flow and heat transfer in long-term microgravity conditions on Earth.

The new method allows efficient control of heat transfer compared to other approaches and can be used for temperature control.

Including, in this way it is possible to provide up to 2.4 times more current than the most advanced charging stations are capable of.

“The application of this new technology has resulted in an unprecedented reduction in the time required to charge a car and may remove one of the key barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles worldwide,” the researchers noted.

According to scientists, the new method will help reduce the charging time of an electric car to five minutes.

In mid-summer, automotive experts said slow charging rates and a widespread lack of stations were slowing down the spread of electric cars and limiting consumers.

Experts noted that the process of replenishing the battery takes much longer than filling the tank with fuel.


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