NASA fails to save Earth from asteroid during latest exercise

(ORDO NEWS) — According to Scientific American magazine, during the latest tests and exercises on planetary defense, NASA specialists were unable to save our planet from a hypothetical asteroid.

The simulation began with the discovery of an asteroid on its trajectory towards the Earth.

Test participants (which included more than 200 researchers, scientists and engineers) were given information about where the asteroid was heading, its size (70 meters) and the likelihood of a collision.

Specialists needed to react as quickly as possible to a space stone flying towards our planet.

However, the exercises have shown that the United States does not have the ability to intercept small, fast-moving asteroids, and the ability to observe them in real time is very limited.

Even if specialists could intercept space rocks, humans might not be able to deflect them from Earth, and using nuclear weapons to destroy them is too risky and fraught with international legal problems.

The tests also showed that disinformation – lies and false rumors spread among the public – can drastically hamper efforts to evacuate the population from the asteroid impact area.

Based on the tests, the space agency concluded that humanity is completely unprepared for the threat of a collision with an asteroid.


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