NASA experts say aliens warned people about COVID-19 pandemic

(ORDO NEWS) — A NASA signal analyst said that a detailed analysis of electromagnetic radiation of extraterrestrial origin showed that in the early fall of last year, intelligent aliens warned humanity about an imminent COVID pandemic.

Nancy McMurray says that she and the team were able to identify a series of signals that were repeating. They very much resemble an extraterrestrial warning signal. These signals were repeated from September 4 until the end of autumn. For all the time, 17 absolutely identical signals were recorded.

As a rule, electromagnetic waves are extremely rare and random. If the signals have a duration of more than 4 seconds and are repeated more than 10 times, then this is no longer a natural phenomenon, the analyst added.

After a detailed analysis of the signals, experts considered that, most likely, this was indeed a warning message. It was based on some kind of mathematical language of aliens, which resembles Morse code.

The experts also say that they cannot understand what exactly this message is talking about. But in its characteristics it resembles either a distress signal or a warning. If we take into account the time when these signals were recorded, then we can assume that this was a warning that the COVID-19 pandemic would soon begin.

The researchers added that each of the recorded signals was intercepted by several radio telescopes at once. This completely eliminates the possibility that the signals are merely interference. It is worth noting that such high-profile statements by Professor McMurray provoked a lot of responses among scientists.


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