NASA experts reported that three asteroids are flying to Earth

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(ORDO NEWS) — In the next few days, a potentially dangerous asteroid will fly up to our planet as close as possible. It was named 2020 ND.

The space object has a fairly large diameter – about 170 meters. This is much more than the popular London Eye, the largest Ferris wheel found in Europe. Although when compared with some terrestrial objects, the diameter may seem simply enormous, but for asteroids this is far from the limit and there were objects much larger.

2020 ND will fly past our planet on July 24. The distance to the Earth will be 5,086,328 kilometers or 0.034 astronomical units.

The received title of “potentially dangerous” space object is given to asteroids if there is even a slight risk that a collision may occur from our planets. At the moment, astronomers have carefully calculated the flight path of this asteroid and assured that there is absolutely no risk of a catastrophe.

In addition, NASA experts added that literally in two days, namely on July 26, two more space objects will fly past our planet at a fairly close distance. 2016 DY30 will fly about 0.02306 AU. Its experts classified it as an Apollo.

This asteroid regularly crosses the Earth’s orbit, as it also moves around the Sun. ME3 2020 will fly at a distance of approximately 0.03791 AU. It belongs to the Cupid group and does not cross the orbit of our planet, although from time to time it can come close enough to it.

Scientists have assured that these two space objects do not pose any threat to the Earth, so there is no reason for panic.


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