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NASA doubts next Artemis I launch will be this month

NASA doubts next Artemis I launch will be this month

(ORDO NEWS) — After a second failed attempt to launch a Space Launch System (SLS) booster, NASA officials said the current launch window for the Artemis I mission to the moon ends on Tuesday.The next possible windows are from 19 September to 4 October and then from 17 to 31 October.

The SLS launch scheduled for Saturday was canceled due to a leak that was discovered while refueling.

The first launch attempt last Monday was also halted after engineers discovered a fuel leak and a sensor malfunction that indicated one of the rocket’s four main engines had overheated.

“It’s a brand new machine, brand new technology, brand new goals,” said NASA administrator Bill Nelson. – “Yes, it’s hard”.

Artemis mission leader Mike Sarafin said the leak was large and one of the prime suspects is sealant on the fuel pipe.

Engineers say they will fix the leak either directly at the launch site or after the rocket is returned to the assembly building.

Sarafin noted that it is too early to completely rule out a launch before the end of September, and promised that more precise information about the flight will become known next week.

NASA said earlier that it will be difficult to coordinate activities in early October as the Kennedy Space Center will be used to launch rockets to the International Space Station.

Another problem with the SLS is its emergency self-destruct system, which should work if the missile deviates from the course.

Most likely, it will need to be revised before the next launch, but for this the rocket will have to be returned to the assembly building. Entering and withdrawing the rocket from the building will take several weeks.

The cost of the Artemis program will reach $93 billion by 2025, with each of the first four missions costing $4.1 billion per launch, according to a government audit.


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