NASA created a browser game starring the RST Telescope

(ORDO NEWS) — In its new browser game, NASA is aiming to recreate (at least in terms of entourage) Atari’s classic 1978 arcade game Space Invaders to showcase what Nancy Grace’s new wide-range infrared space observatory, the Roman Space Telescope (Roman Space Telescope, RST). RST should go into space in the middle of this decade.

The goal of the user in this game , instead of shooting down aliens, as gamers did in Space Invaders, is to accurately aim the RST lens at alien objects.

Supernovae, exoplanets, dark matter, black holes, and even the James Webb Space Telescope will float around your telescope.

Fly the observatory fast enough to beat the record of Jamie Adkins, head of digital technology at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, who managed to score 495 points (well, he’s the head of digital technology, on the other hand).

NASA created a browser game starring the RST Telescope
Artistic depiction of the Roman Space Telescope


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