NASA considers 2 more dates in September for possible Artemis I launch

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA is considering September 23 and 27 as possible dates for the next attempt to launch its Artemis I mission to the Moon.

Two previous attempts were canceled after the giant Space Launch System (SLS) rocket suffered technical problems, including a fuel leak.

The launch window on September 23rd will open at 13:47, and on September 27th.

The dates were chosen to avoid conflict with the DART mission, which will see the probe hit an asteroid on September 26 to try and de-orbit it.

Both missions require the use of an international antenna array called the Deep Space Network.

However, launch dates still depend on whether NASA obtains a special permit that will avoid re-testing the batteries in the emergency flight system. This system is used to destroy a missile if it deviates from a predetermined range to a populated area.

If NASA doesn’t get permission, the rocket will have to be shipped back to the assembly shop, delaying the launch by a few weeks.

Mike Bolger, ground systems manager, said the engineering team is now working on a hydrogen leak. The work could be completed by the end of Thursday, and then they could test the fuel tank on September 17th.

The Artemis I space mission will test the SLS and the unmanned Orion capsule in preparation for future crewed trips to the Moon. The flight is expected to last several weeks.


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