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NASA changes plans for Artemis 4 expedition

NASA changes plans for Artemis 4 expedition

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA has revised its original plans and announced that during the fourth lunar expedition of the Artemis program, astronauts will still land on the moon.

Previously, official plans indicated that after the third mission of the program (which should be implemented in 2025) a person sets foot on the surface of the Earth‘s natural satellite again, a break will be made in the work of people on the moon.

At the end of October, NASA announced that during the Artemis 4 expedition, which should take place before 2027, astronauts will still descend to the surface of the moon.

To accomplish this goal, the Starship landing module of modification B will be used.

Also, the I-Hab residential module will be put into orbit of the Earth satellite, which, according to the plans of the space agency, should become the basis of the Gateway lunar orbital station.

True, all these plans seem to be divorced from reality: after all, even the first unmanned expedition to the Moon, Artemis 1, has not yet started, the launch of which has been postponed for several months due to problems with the SLS rocket.


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