NASA astronauts may fly to Mars via Venus

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of researchers from the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, USA, and NASA presented a proposal for NASA in a new white paper stating that NASA’s manned Martian mission should “glance” at Venus before it reaches the Red Planet. In their work, scientists set forth arguments in favor of a “long” route using planetary opposition, rather than their combination.

NASA made it clear to the general public that it plans to send astronauts to Mars in the near future. But the agency did not explain which route this space journey would take, through the use of the configuration of the conjunction or opposition (opposition) of the planets.

A route using a connection of planets runs directly from Earth to Mars – such missions are possible only when two planets are located in points of their orbits closest to each other. Missions using a confrontation configuration, on the other hand, include one or more “stops” along the way. In their work, the researchers present arguments in favor of a mission that uses the configuration of the confrontation, proposing to first send the spacecraft with astronauts to Venus, and from it to Mars.

According to the authors of the work, the main advantages of the route they offer are that an additional “stop” in orbit around Venus will, firstly, save fuel due to the gravitational maneuver around the “sister planet” of our Earth, and secondly, return faster home, if suddenly a dangerous emergency situation arises. In addition, a “stop” on Venus will make it possible to study it in more detail using drones controlled by astronauts from orbit in real time – while transmitting a signal from Earth to Venus takes 5 to 23 minutes, scientists explained.


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