NASA announced the approach to Earth of five asteroids

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from NASA have warned that five asteroids will soon approach the Earth. The size of one of the space objects is approximately 100 meters. Large asteroids will approach the Earth on January 5,6,7,11. Scientists have assured that these space bodies do not pose any threat to the planet, but they will fly at a fairly close distance.

NASA constantly monitors how asteroids move, which can harm the Earth and all of humanity. But those space objects that come close to the planet in the next few days will not pose any danger at all.

To date, the most dangerous asteroid in the solar system is considered to be the Bennu asteroid, but there is only 1 in 1750 chances that it will collide with the Earth in the next two centuries.

Asteroid 2021 YQ

The first to approach the planet is 2021 YQ. The diameter of this cosmic body is no more than 60 meters. It will fly close to Earth on January 5 at a distance of just over two million kilometers. The last time he flew by was in December 1902.

Asteroid 2021 YX

2021 YX will also fly past January 5 at a distance of nearly 4 million kilometers. The diameter of the cosmic body reaches 30 meters. It is worth noting that it had never flown so close to our planet before.

Asteroid 2014 YE15

2014 YE15 is 7 meters in diameter. It will fly to the planet at a distance of 7.4 million kilometers on January 6. Since 1905, this space object has been approaching Earth every year. His next flight in the immediate vicinity will take place in May 2022.

Asteroid 2020 AP1

2020 AP1 will fly 1.7 million kilometers on January 7. Its diameter does not exceed 4 meters. He will return to our planet only in two years.

Asteroid 2013 YD48

On January 11, 2013 YD48 will fly past the Earth. The cosmic body is enormous – almost 100 meters in diameter, which is larger than the size of Big Ben. The distance between the asteroid and the Earth will be 5.6 million kilometers. The last time the convergence was recorded in 2014. The next time he will arrive in 2030.

Earlier we wrote that millions of years ago an asteroid plunged the Earth into darkness for two years. 66 million years ago, a huge asteroid crashed into our planet, which caused the Earth to plunge into darkness for two years. The collision set off incredibly violent wildfires. Soot began to rise quickly into the air, filling the sky and blocking the access of the sun’s rays. As a result, this provoked a mass extinction.

And also recall that a near-earth asteroid was found, which may be part of the moon. There are over 27 thousand near-earth space objects in the solar system. Most of them were previously located in its central part. Experts from the University of Arizona conducted a study and found that the Kamoalev asteroid may in fact be part of the Moon, because it has nothing to do with any of the planets of the solar system.


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