NASA and JAXA are working on a lunar “mobile home”

(ORDO NEWS) — Currently, NASA is busy ensuring a permanent human presence on the moon, but the question of providing astronauts with primary “housing” until recently remained open.

Engineers suggested using inflatable tents, underground bases and houses made of “moon concrete”. However, all this is ineffective or takes a very long time to implement.

Now, thanks to a partnership with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), NASA is starting to build pressurized rovers that will be something like “moon caravans.”

“This technology is the coolest element of the space program I’ve ever seen. It’s like a home on wheels, but only for the moon, ”said Mark Kirasic, acting director of NASA’s Advanced Intelligence Systems Division.

The international cooperation

JAXA and Toyota have been working on manned lunar vehicles for more than two years now, but now that NASA experts are involved, this business can finally be brought to mind.

By the way, this cooperation is beneficial to two parties: NASA is faced with a reduction in funding, so the agency does not have the funds to create a transport from scratch. JAXA needed experienced, highly trained US specialists and space technology to help complete what it started.

“NASA’s budget is pretty tight, but they’re doing their best. They do it very well, ”commented Clive Neal, a Moon explorer at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.


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