Narcologists told what will happen to the body if you often drink beer

(ORDO NEWS) — Beer is a favorite alcoholic beverage of many people. However, narcologists claim that this is one of the most harmful drinks for human health. Not as harmless as you see in the commercials.

This was reported by RBC Ukraine.

Beer alcoholism is a separate type of addiction that has been identified by doctors and narcologists. Addiction and dependence on the foamy drink can develop over several years. Then the addict switches to stronger alcohol.

The biggest danger of beer addiction is that a person consumes alcohol in large quantities. From such a volume of fluid in the body, the kidneys and the heart are affected in the first place.

The situation is aggravated by modern marketing, because this is a very popular type of alcohol: affordable, a wide range of different tastes. Moreover, advertising presents beer, not as an alcoholic drink, but as a means of quenching thirst in the summer heat.

And the fact that in one can of beer there are from 50 to 100 grams of alcohol is skillfully kept silent. Narcologist Sergei Khudolei spoke about the consequences of beer alcoholism. First of all, these are problems with the cardiovascular system and they begin at an early age. The heart wall thickens, its cavity expands. This syndrome is also called “beer heart”. Also, alcohol affects the digestive tract. The person’s face begins to swell.

Men are even worse, they begin to suffer from obesity “female type”. Fat accumulations are deposited in the pelvis, chest, abdomen. Reproductive function may be impaired over time. Beer, like any other type of alcohol, kills brain cells.

It turns out that at the very moment when a person is trying to quench his thirst by drinking a couple of sips of beer, he pours another dose of poison into himself.


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