Named the minimum number of people for the colonization of Mars

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Jean-Marc Salotti, a French mathematician, wondered about the number of people needed to establish the first colony on Mars. In his calculations, the specialist relied on the number of specializations and the division of labor.

As it turned out, a hundred volunteers were enough, and to be precise – 110. The constructed model is universal and suitable for populating absolutely any planet, but Salotti relied precisely on Mars. One gets the impression that the calculations were specially made for Elon Musk.

The mathematician determined not only the optimal number of colonizers, but also the necessary plants, suitable living conditions and rational sharing of resources. 110 people would be able to establish a colony even in the most severe conditions.

Two factors are important in the matter of planet development: the real opportunity to survive (adequate natural conditions) and the ability of each member of the community to provide for itself. Between a large number of people sharing resources is not so simple.

The colonization of Mars is thought not only by Elon Musk, but only he is taking the first steps towards the fulfillment of desires. The billionaire has long been preparing a spaceship that can deliver a sufficient number of people to Mars.

So far, scientists do not see even the slightest chance of success, since there is absolutely nothing for normal life on Mars: resources will have to be delivered from Earth, which is not entirely rational. In the case of an apocalypse on Earth, from which everyone so wants to escape on Mars, the source of resources will disappear. Humanity will be doomed anyway.


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