Named the blood type that mosquitoes love most

(ORDO NEWS) — The problem of mosquito bites and the unpleasant consequences of this is especially acute in summer evenings. While relaxing in the fresh air, it is not difficult to notice that some people are directly surrounded by mosquitoes, while others are not noticed at all. As the doctors found out, there is a medical explanation why mosquitoes of some people bother less than others.

An explanation of the principles of choosing mosquitoes “victims” found a group of scientists. According to experts, these creatures are lovers of the most popular blood type in the world – the first. Slightly less mosquitoes like to bite people with a second blood group.

But still, the blood group is not the only indicator that affects the preference of these insects. According to Dr. Nicolas Baumann-Blackmore, if you put two people nearby, the one with the highest body temperature will be a victim of a mosquito. Genetics, recent physical activity, illness, or pregnancy can cause fever.

Surprisingly, the color of your clothes can also attract mosquitoes. Therefore, when going for a walk in a park or forest, it is better to abandon things of black, dark blue or red colors.

An interesting fixed veil, which affects a person’s fascination with mosquitoes, is whether he drank beer. For some reason, these creatures like the blood of the drinker. Moreover, such a phenomenon confirmed by scientists cannot be explained anymore by any of the above factors.

Also, scientists do not recommend using mosquito repellents, as an insect bite can cause a severe allergic reaction. Before using any kind of spray or cream, you need to test it on a small area of ​​the skin and make sure that there will be no allergic reaction.


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