Named a vitamin that can provoke cancer

(ORDO NEWS) — Folic acid in large quantities can cause the formation of malignant tumors in the body. If the process is controlled by an experienced specialist, then due to this, the risks are significantly reduced.

It is reported by the Daily Express.

Vitamin B9 or folic acid has a unique property, which was described in detail by the University of Alabama, located in Beaming ham, USA. In this case, the results of the research carried out by Norwegian specialists were taken into account. The benefits of the vitamin have been known for a long time, but the fact that it can do harm is reported for the first time.

Previously, scientists knew that folic acid in sufficient quantities is involved in cell repair. It is for this reason that the supplement is often prescribed for women who are planning a pregnancy or are in the early stages, when the fetus is especially actively developing. Vitamin B9 is able to minimize the risk of developing various types of defects in a child.

With a lack of vitamin in DNA replication, a failure occurs, which can provoke the appearance of malignant tumors in the future. Also, experts have found that an overabundance of folic acid accelerates the growth of cancer cells, which ultimately leads to death.

Doctors advise to be sure to consult before taking any supplements. You should not use vitamins or other drugs if there is absolutely no medical indication for this.

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