Named a symptom of COVID-19, which is rare in the elderly

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have noticed something strange. Coronavirus has different symptoms, which depend on the age of the patient. They emphasized that one of the most common symptoms is rarely recorded in the elderly. Such conclusions were made by researchers at King’s College London.

Doctors for some time observed the symptoms, which appeared literally three days after the test for coronavirus showed a positive result.

The data was recorded using a specially designed application for this. Patients were monitored for quite a long time – in April-October 2020. It should be noted that the study was carried out when the British and also the original Wuhan strains were spreading. Other mutations did not yet exist at that time.

As it was possible to find out, depending on the age of a person, certain signs of the disease predominate.

At the age of 16-39, most patients lose their sense of smell. In addition, there is a fairly strong shortness of breath, pain in either the chest or abdomen. The second age group, 40-59 years old, often complained about the presence of a cough that does not go away and intensifies in the evening and at night.

At the same time, they lost their taste and smell much less often, although cases of this symptom were sometimes encountered. The third group included people 60-80 years old. Almost all of them experienced chest and muscle pain, shortness of breath and diarrhea after contracting the coronavirus.

Also, the researchers were able to record some differences in the signs of infection among men and women. All patients complained of pain and loss of smell, but at the same time, among men, weakness for no reason, suffocation, and chills were recorded several times more often.

Scientists noted that new mutations of the coronavirus prevail over those strains that were previously recorded. At the same time, the signs of infection also differ. Previously, the presence of the disease was indicated by fever and cough, loss of taste and smell. In turn, new options provoke the appearance of a headache, a severe runny nose, discomfort in the throat.


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