Myths and legends of Arpea Cave

(ORDO NEWS) — An unusual cave is located in the Navarre Pyrenees on the border with France. What is special about this cave? Magic. Maybe it has something to do with its mythological history? Maybe.

According to legend, this cave was inhabited by lamias, mythological creatures, half animal, half woman, who combed their long hair with golden combs on the banks of the river, making magical sounds as they did so.

All this reminds us of the legendary mermaids, because the effect that this chant had on the locals was the same as that of mermaids on sailors: they inevitably went to them and never heard from them again.

Myths and legends of Arpea Cave 2 Myths and legends of Arpea Cave 3

If you look closely, you will see that this cave is shaped like an inverted V, and you can clearly see the various layers of earth that make up it. Each of these folds is equivalent to about 20,000 years.

In addition to this mythological legend, Arpea Cave has its own historical part, and for thousands of years our ancestors used it as a refuge from prehistoric and not so prehistoric times. A stream flows along the cave, and in a strategic location are the remains of what was a settlement.

Myths and legends of Arpea Cave 4 Myths and legends of Arpea Cave 5

Arpea Cave is not the only place that has something special, because the surrounding area is full of dolmens and cromlechs, which add to the mystery of this place.


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