Mystical fire: everything burned out, except for the memorial to the lost child

(ORDO NEWS) — In the countryside of Argentina, grief and miracle happened at the same time. On one field, fire formed, which dealt a crushing blow to the fields. Literally everything burned out, except for the memorial to the dead girl. The fire went around the monument as if by God’s command.

Argentine firefighters faced a mystical phenomenon. The brigades tried with all their might to cope with the elements, but the fire was too great. The fields turned black, only one area around the memorial remained bright, which is dedicated to a 13-year-old girl who died in a terrible accident.

The incident occurred near the city of Armstrong, which is located in the province of Santa Fe (northeast of the country). The element quickly spread throughout the territory, which stopped it near the monument – a mystery.

The fire was formed in a pasture where there were sheep. Then he moved to fields with crops, local farmers faced heavy losses. Herman Chekki, 44, the chief firefighter, is not deeply religious, but even he said a miracle happened.

Around the monument, everything remained intact, two meters in diameter: as if some kind of force had surrounded the object. Journalists managed to find out that the memorial was erected by the father of the deceased girl named Hugo. The media managed to find a man. The Argentinean believes that God himself was concerned for the preservation of the monument with the angel and the manger. The incident shows that the Almighty is near.

No one can explain what happened from a scientific point of view: there were no obstacles for fire near the object, so the situation is very strange and exciting.


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