Mystery of the sudden disappearance of ancient Chinese civilization

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(ORDO NEWS) — More than five thousand years ago, on the banks of the Yangtze River in the east of modern China, an ancient civilization was formed, which later became developed and majestic. However, after a while, the people disappeared due to the climatic apocalypse.

Historians have found signs of Liangzhu culture in the eastern territories of the state, which testify to the existence of a unique civilization. In particular, these people developed agriculture and aquaculture.

Also, the people of Liangzhu thought through the architecture of their own settlements to the smallest detail. Already in those days, they knew how to create reservoirs, dams and many other water systems.

However, after about a thousand years, civilization suddenly collapsed. Archaeologists still have not fully figured out the reason for the disappearance of the ancient people.

“A thin layer of clay was found on the preserved ruins. This indicates a possible connection between the death of an advanced civilization and major floods on the Yangtze River or floods that came from the East China Sea.

But now we have a clearer picture of the flooding, ”explained geologist Christoph Spetl of the Austrian University of Innsbruck.

According to the expert, monsoon rains, which flooded the territory of the people and destroyed dams, could also be involved in the disappearance of Liangzhu.

However, another group of researchers believes that the cause of the extinction of civilization is the desert, writes the Russian news agency.


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