Mystery of the Rhodesian skull: Evidence of ancient technology or alien safari?

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(ORDO NEWS) — In 1922, a miner searching for lead ore deposits near the town of Kabwe in central Zambia discovered one of the most mysterious artifacts – the Rhodesian skull. This remains of a human head attracted the attention of scientists with its unusual small hole on the left side, which has a perfectly round shape.

Initially it was believed that this was the mark of a spear or other sharp tool, but further research showed that advanced technology capable of creating such a hole may have existed on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Many questions arose: what object could form a perfectly round hole? Why does the skull have strange proportions? Experts note that when hit by a low-velocity projectile, such as an arrow or spear, radial cracks form in the skull. However, the Rhodesian skull lacks such features, indicating that its owner was struck by an object traveling at a much higher speed.

Rene Norbergen, a researcher in this area, notes that similar injuries are observed in modern people who received a head wound after being shot from a high-powered rifle. This suggests that the Rhodesian skull may be evidence of the use of firearms in antiquity.

However, not everyone accepts this theory on faith. Skeptics consider the Rhodesian skull to be a piece of pseudoscience. However, a German forensic expert said the damage to the Rhodesian man’s skull could not have been caused by anything other than a bullet.

So the question arises: what if ancient man was actually shot to death hundreds of thousands of years ago by modern weapons? If this is so, then who possessed such technologies? Could this indicate the existence of a developed civilization on Earth in ancient times?

It is also possible that the skull is evidence of an alien safari through the wild places of the universe. It may have been a hunting ground for alien creatures that used advanced technology to hunt.

The mystery of the Rhodesian skull continues to excite the minds of scientists and researchers. It raises many questions about the past of our planet and the possibility of the existence of ancient technologies or contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.


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