Mystery of the Children with Black Eyes

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the most terrifying entities of all time, black-eyed children are described as children between the ages of 9 and 16, with a normal build and behavior, but with completely unusual eyes.

Their eyes, without any discernible pupil, iris or sclera, are completely black, somewhat reminiscent of the malevolent entities from the movie Grudge. They appear in casual or slightly old-fashioned clothing and speak in a voice that is too grown-up for their age.

They usually appear in front of your house or car, lost and helpless, insistently demanding to be let in. For some reason, witnesses report feeling an inexplicable fear near them, without even noticing their devilish eyes, and most often run away from the scene immediately.”

Presumably, children use hypnosis, as people often report that they unconsciously let them in his property before noticing their eyes and running

The Brian Bethel Incident

The story of Brian Bethel, a well-known journalist, took place in 1996 and is the earliest known encounter with “black eyes”.

On a spring or summer evening in 1996, Bethel was heading to the office of his ISP, Camalott Communications, on North 1st Street in Abilene, Texas, to pay his bills.

When he calmly wrote on a check in the dimly lit room in front of the cinema, intending to drop it into the payment slot, he did not yet know that this night would be the most frightening for him in his life.

He was sitting in his car in the parking lot when two boys between the ages of 9 and 12 knocked on his window. The boys, as he described them, were “somewhat affable, olive-skinned, curly-haired young men” and “a red-haired, pale-skinned, freckled young man.” The boys were dressed in pullovers with hoods.

The first boy explained that the two of them had come to see the premiere of “Mortal Kombat” at the cinema, but had forgotten the money at their mother’s house. So they asked to be taken to their mother to collect the money and return to the cinema.

All this time, while the conversation was going on, Bethel was seized with irrational fear. The boy tried to convince him with assurances such as: “It won’t take long, it’s just two small children, they don’t have weapons or anything.”

Bethel subconsciously reached out to open the door of his car, when suddenly his gaze settled on the boy and he noticed his jet-black eyes. The eyes, which he described as follows: “These eyes you see these days in aliens or vampires from cheap shows on night TV. Soulless, like two huge spots of a starless night.”

Trying to maintain a normal demeanor, Bethel muttered a few excuses, shifted into gear, and sped off in his car. Glancing in the rearview mirror, he found that the children were gone in a matter of seconds.


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