Mystery of the appearance of five pairs of twin sons in Plato’s Atlantis

(ORDO NEWS) — The fact that representatives of extraterrestrial civilization visited the Earth in ancient times is undeniable, and therefore the question “Is there life in the Universe?” does not make sense, simply because we have a huge number of historical sources confirming its existence.

If you have read the works of Plato, then you should have had a question related to Plato’s Atlantis – this is the mystery of five pairs of twins.

Five pairs of twin sons may not be theoretically impossible, but their statistical probability is close to zero, and there are no such cases in written sources or scientific data.

In fact, mathematician Madeleine Gagne, a graduate student in operations research at North Carolina State University, crunched the data and found that the chance of one man and woman having five sets of twins in a lifetime ranges from 0.00000000000024% to 0.000000000000759375 % probability of occurrence of such number of pairs of twins.

This means that it will happen to 2 people out of a hundred trillion and 7 out of a quintillion born.

In my opinion, the only possible solution to this phenomenon is genomic intervention. There is simply no other explanation.

Modern in vitro procedures can lead to multiple pregnancies, although this is usually not desired by parents. Doctors do not control the number of eggs fertilized by injected sperm. We are still in the infancy of this science.

How then could Poseidon’s seed and Kleito’s egg produce five sets of twins, all male?

Plato writes:

He also gave birth and brought up five pairs of male twin children… And he named them all; the eldest, who was the first king, he called Atlas… (Critius Plato, 4th century BC)

4th century BC! What is the point for Plato to even describe such an anomaly? Most of those who read his writings do not pay attention to this most important fragment, and scientists and historians do not mention it deliberately.

Ask yourself a question. What is the modern method of gene editing (which we ourselves have only just begun to understand), but creating 5 pairs of twin sons is unimaginable even for our today’s technologies, what was he doing in the middle of this ancient story about Plato’s Atlantis written in the 4th century BC?!

What did it matter that “God” and a mortal wife had so many twin sons?

Apart from the names of the boys and the report that the eldest, Atlas, later became one of the kings of Atlantis, there is never another mention of ten twin sons.

In trying to solve this riddle, I came to the conclusion that the only reasonable conclusion is that advanced technology must have come into play.

In the Neolithic era, there were no such technologies on Earth! This led me to the inescapable conclusion that this must have happened with the help of knowledge and technology coming from an extraterrestrial source.

Someone who had very advanced technology and very advanced knowledge intervened. Someone who came to Earth from another planet.

Therefore, I believe that Poseidon was not one of the Greek Olympian gods, but an alien who came to Earth from another planet in our solar system, an astronaut who possessed not only the technology necessary for space travel, but also the advanced technology of DNA editing, artificial insemination and cloning.

Five pairs of twin sons were supposed to be a deliberate act. They were created!

Poseidon was not alone when he took control of Atlantis. In fact, Poseidon arrived on our planet from space with an elite team of scientists, each of whom was engaged in his own discipline, but one of them secretly and maliciously ensured that only twins were born to Poseidon and Kleito… and they were all male children.

The five pairs of twin sons of Poseidon and Clayton are the most important scientific mystery in history, which Plato confirms.

These ten sons are the best evidence that people of the Neolithic era had “first contact” with representatives of another, more advanced – extraterrestrial civilization!


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