Mysterious wobble shifts the poles of Mars – research

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have conducted another study, with the help of which it was possible to establish that the poles of Mars began to deviate from its axis of rotation. For 200 days, a shift of about 10 cm occurs, according to Geophysical Research Letters.

These changes are called Chandler oscillations. It was this scientist who discovered them in 1981. Previously, this was observed only on our planet. The earth shifts every 433 days by 15 meters. Nobody can explain this phenomenon. Experts believe that a variety of processes that occur in the planet’s atmosphere and in its oceans can affect the pole shift.

The Chandler oscillations, which are observed on Mars, have interested many scientists. Scientists discovered them after comparing the results of their study of the planet over 18 years. There is not a single ocean on Mars. Therefore, experts believe that fluctuations can occur as a result of changes in atmospheric pressure. This is the very first version that was suggested by most of the experts.

Soon, other details may appear about this incredible phenomenon, which has interested a huge number of scientists around the world.


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