Mysterious UFO captured over Cambridge (VIDEO)

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of Cambridge (the world famous city of Great Britain due to the prestigious University of Cambridge) Paul Bryan recently videotaped an approaching and long-awaited thunderstorm after a series of hot days, when a strange object flying at a rather low altitude suddenly hit the lens of his camera.

On his channel Paul Bryan TV of the video hosting YouTube, Paul posted the material and only noticed that he himself thought at first that it was a flock of birds flew over (it happens), but upon closer examination of the material received, he realized that he was mistaken.

The video captures something really incredible. YouTube users agreed with the author of the video that something flying by does not look like a flock of birds, but rather it may be some kind of military drone from among the ultra-modern. However, some users expressed doubt that the drone could be of this shape and design, it is possible that it is a UFO of unearthly origin.

The users were also surprised that this object flew so low and with a relatively low speed. In addition, it produced a characteristic sound for terrestrial aircraft, although not very loud. All this makes you think …

By the way, the experts on videomantage have already given their verdict – the video is not fake. But the UFO itself is so unique that ufologists have not yet found a suitable analogy for it.

What do you think, what kind of apparatus flew literally over the roof of a house in Cambridge?


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