Mysterious space anomaly could rip the universe apart

(ORDO NEWS) — Dark matter is a mysterious unknown force that can influence the universe. The first evidence of its existence was obtained when scientists measured supernovae and the results showed that the universe is not expanding gradually. The expansion process is acceleration.

If we take into account the basic theory, then the birth of the universe occurred as a result of the Big Bang. But scientists could not explain its constant expansion without the use of an additional form of energy in the mathematical model. Now experts warn that a cosmic anomaly, namely dark matter, can not only provoke the evolution of the Universe, but also cause it to simply burst.

Professor Brian Greene added that this could be due to the fact that dark matter is likely to interact with gravity. Recent research has given rise to the emergence of string theory, which can not only spread in space, but also interact with each other.

Today there is information that dark matter is capable of repelling distant galaxies in the Universe. But this does not prevent it from accelerating, which creates numerous problems for planets such as Earth, which exists only thanks to the Sun.

There are suggestions that dark matter may become stronger over time. As a result, it will not only drive away galaxies that are very far away, but also begin to drive the planets away from the stars around which they revolve.

Also, dark matter can begin to pull electrons from the nuclei of atoms, which will lead to the tearing of the rest of the matter into pieces. As a result of this, in the future it may happen that dark energy, which will only increase over time, will tear the Universe into several parts, which will cause its complete disappearance.


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