Mysterious space anomaly could rip the universe apart

(ORDO NEWS) — Netizens began talking en masse about the failure in the matrix when on Twitter they saw a snapshot of a crow hanging upside down on a wire. The girl who photographed the bird lives in St. Petersburg.

A strange incident happened on October 12, when a girl with the nickname “riza-san”, who is fond of Japanese culture, saw a bird strangely sitting on a wire. The creature decided, probably, to sit like a bat. It is worth noting that the crow was generally hung on one leg. Maybe she imagined herself as an acrobat.

The picture quickly spread across the Internet, collecting more than nine thousand likes per day. People in the comments decided that the crow just got bored and she wanted to try herself in the role of another representative of the fauna. Crows are known to be one of the smartest birds.

Some users suggested that the bird was tired of the stone jungle and the fast pace of life around, so it decided to meditate, enjoying the solitude.

There were also those who did not see problems in the bird itself. People started writing about the glitch in the matrix. Another theory is that the bird became ill, she might need help.

Knowledgeable people came to the aid of users. They explained that birds need to make an effort to unclench their paws, not vice versa. It turns out that something happened to the crow’s paw and it could not fly away. The creature was forced to do somersaults not because of clowning, but because of muscle problems.

Whether the bird was able to fly away, history is silent. To this day, discussions of a strange bird continue, users do not stop building theories about what they saw.


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