Mysterious sonar marker near Titanic turns out to be a coral garden

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have figured out the nature of the mysterious mark on the sonar near the Titanic.

In 1998, seafloor explorer Paul Henry Nargeoleth surveyed the Titanic wreck. He used sonar, and at one point a new mark appeared on the sonar.

It was fixed long enough to reject the version of interference, but for 26 years scientists could not find this place and find out what is there.

It was assumed that this is an underwater rock or a trace of another shipwreck.

During a new expedition to the wreck of the Titanic in early 2022, Nargeoleth and his fellow explorers were able to document a deep-sea reef populated by many inhabitants.

It is located at a depth of about 2900 meters and has a volcanic nature.

At the top of the basalt ridge, the researchers were able to spot sponges, corals, fish, lobsters and many other animals.

The ridge was named Nargeoleth-Fanning – in honor of Nargeoleth himself and Oisin Fanning, one of the expedition’s specialists.

Scientists have taken numerous water samples from which DNA will be isolated to accurately determine the species composition of flora and fauna.

The analysis of the obtained photo and video images is not yet complete, and, probably, as a result, the researchers will be able to make several more discoveries.


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