Mysterious ship discovered off the coast of Antarctica

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the users of Google Earth examined in the images a huge “ice ship”, which lies not far from the coast of Antarctica.

The news of its opening was published by the owner of the YouTube channel MrMBB333. The user stated that he found a ship covered in ice, which is 122 meters long. The vessel is located about 160 kilometers from the coast of Antarctica.

The block of ice found on the maps by MrMBB333 really strongly resembles a huge ship. The user is sure that his certain features, as well as some symmetrical elements, cannot be an ordinary accident or a game of imagination.

If you don’t look closely, then we can assume that this is a huge iceberg, but if you examine the find in more detail, then there is absolutely no doubt that this is a real ship that was built on purpose.

Users in the comments under the video, which MrMBB333 posted on his channel on August 7, continue to argue where such a large ship could have come from in Antarctica. One user suggested that the ship was built a few years ago to save wealthy people in the event of the end of the world. Others leaned towards the shipwreck version. Another part believed that the YouTuber managed to find the mysterious Noah’s Ark. Also, the widespread version was that the ship had some direct relation to a secret Nazi military base.

At the moment there is no information about what kind of ship it actually is. In order to lift it off the ice and transport it for further study, it will take a lot of resources, and it is not possible to do this now.


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