Mysterious “portal” appeared in the sky over China

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(ORDO NEWS) — An unusual phenomenon was captured by eyewitnesses in China.

A mysterious structure resembling a portal has appeared in the sky above China.

Unusual light appears in the published frames in the cloudy sky.

Then the cameraman, who was shooting a strange phenomenon, zooms in on the image, and something strange is more clearly drawn in the sky, resembling some kind of man-made formation.

Some eyewitnesses compared the “hole in the sky” to a portal, while others suggested that a huge spaceship of extraterrestrial civilizations was hovering in the sky, which accidentally gave itself out as a bright light.

In China, such phenomena are observed very often.

On September 8, 2021, over the city of Shenyang (China), local residents watched as a bright beam of light appeared in the sky, in which something very similar to a staircase was visible.


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