Mysterious object was found on the beach in Florida

(ORDO NEWS) — Florida was hit by the strongest hurricane “Ian” in October, and another “Nicole” began after it.

A series of natural disasters not only brought a huge amount of destruction to the coast, but also led to some discoveries.

They still cannot identify the object found on one of the beaches, and they do not know what to do with it either.

Natural disasters caused erosion at Dayton Beach Shores, which is located in Volusia County. It is adored by local and visiting vacationers.

The elements exposed some mysterious object, and scientists still have not come to a single conclusion as to what it is.

Local authorities do not know how to stop the erosion that has begun. It is very dangerous for local landscapes.

It is known that the mysterious object is slightly larger than 24 meters in length. Its construction consists of wood and metal.

Nothing like this had been found or seen here before. County officials are still investigating to determine what the find was. Tammy Malfurs, who acts as Volusia County’s press secretary, also speaks about this.

Today there are several speculations as to what it might be. The first thought is an ancient ship that sank here many years ago. First, the materials, they are suitable for the ship.

The dimensions of the structure are very reminiscent of a ship. Secondly, the locals do not remember that anything was built here before.

It is also speculated to be part of the old dock or the grandstand section of the iconic NASCAR race track. This is also a very real assumption, because races along the coast were really held.

Tammy Malfoos also said that for local residents it is a real miracle.

Many people, like him, have lived here for 25 years and know the area like the back of their hand. No one could have guessed that something like this could be under a layer of sand.


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