Mysterious new brain disease causes hallucinations and other unusual symptoms in patients

(ORDO NEWS) — At the moment, the number of people infected, according to official figures, is 43 people in Canada. A mysterious and previously unknown disease causes hallucinations, convulsions, a feeling that invisible insects are crawling on the skin and memory loss – the number of infected is rapidly increasing.

Doctors in Canada are worried about a new and as yet unexplained brain disease with a list of unusual symptoms.

Details of the bizarre and disturbing outbreak of the disease only came to the public last week, when a closed letter was published sent to medical practitioners in the sparsely populated Canadian province of New Brunswick.

In the letter, doctors were asked to report all patients with symptoms. At the moment, 43 cases of the mysterious disease have been confirmed.

Symptoms of an apparently new illness begin with unexplained pain that progress to spasms, convulsions, and altered consciousness.

This disease shares many symptoms with vCJD, the human version of mad cow disease. But, it only looks like Creutzfeldt-Jakob syndrome (vCJD), being some kind of new disease not known to science.


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