Mysterious lights appear in the skies over China

(ORDO NEWS) — On August 9, deep at night (at 01:15), residents of Matsu and Jinmen observed a very interesting phenomenon: bright light spots appeared in the sky. People started filming the phenomenon and posting it on social networks. The news quickly went viral.

The incident attracted the attention of mainland China and Taiwan so much that the authorities decided to make a story about the incident. They brought in a meteorologist who spoke about an effect called “Pillars of Light.”

True, the plot did not cover all the questions of the Chinese. It is still not clear how exactly the phenomenon arose in the subtropics. The phenomenon of “Light columns” does exist, however, it is a vertical long luminous stripes and only at subzero temperatures. It turns out that the meteorologist’s explanation has nothing to do with what happened.

According to eyewitnesses, a cloud was floating in the night sky, and there were about 20 luminous objects in it.


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