Mysterious lake inexplicably replenishes fresh water without a source

(ORDO NEWS) — Perched high on a mountaintop in Ontario, Canada, the picturesque lake has a mystery yet to be unraveled.

Perched 200 feet above Lake Ontario’s Quint Bay, this unusual freshwater lake, named “Onokenoga” by the Iroquois, has puzzled scientists and explorers for years.

Even though there are no known sources of water flowing to or from the lake, it somehow manages to provide a constant supply of fresh water – a natural curiosity that seems to defy all geological norms and which even to this day has no accurate explanation.

The Iroquois revered this lake, and some of the first settlers believed that it could even descend into the very bowels of the Earth.

Although this is certainly unlikely, scientists have long tried to find a modern explanation for this phenomenon, and despite numerous searches, the source of fresh water has never been found.

Over the years, this mystery has fueled interest in the area, which today is a popular destination for hikers and those who want to get away from it all for a few days.

However, whether the mysteries of the lake will ever really be solved is still unknown.


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