Mysterious Indian stone circle Bighorn

(ORDO NEWS) — The ancient people left behind a lot that now confuses us because we do not know how they used it. One of these mysterious places is located in the very wilderness of the United States and has attracted a lot of attention and a lot of speculation for many years.

The Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming has Medicine Mountain, which rises 3,000 meters above the unspoiled rugged landscape and is part of the Bighorn Mountain Range, which is located north of the city of Lovell.

This place has been considered special, sacred, and sometimes even forbidden by various Indian tribes throughout the region for many hundreds of years, including the Arapaho, Bannock, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Crowe, Lakota, Sioux, Cree, and Shoshone.

They treated this place as a different spiritual world and came to Mount Medical with great reverence. Evidence can be found in local archaeological museums.

The most mysterious “fragment” of this strange place is located near the mountain in a vast limestone wasteland. In very ancient times, a mysterious circular structure was erected on it, in the shape of a spoked wheel.

Its diameter is about 25 meters, it has 28 stone “spokes”. which come out of the central stone pyramid, and at the edges of the circle, there are six more similar rounded stone pyramids. Collectively, this is called the Medicine Wheel, the Sacred Hoop, or the Bighorn Medicine Wheel.

There are many similar stone circles throughout North America, but the Bighorn wheel is the largest and best-preserved. And the most mysterious. No one knows which tribe built it, since all the Indian tribes of the region assure that they were not involved in this. Moreover, they say that this wheel was already there when their distant ancestors arrived in these lands.

The fact that this is really a very, very ancient structure is proved by attempts to date this structure, which turned out to be practically impossible. The most common versions are 1,000 or 3,000 years old.

However, there are also theories that this structure is more than 10 thousand years old, because the first people came here just at this time, and if this wheel was created even before them, as the Indian legends assure, then what ancient civilization built it?

Few researchers have tried to carefully study the Bighorn wheel, so it is still not clear for what purpose it was created. But in the 1970s, astronomer Jack Eddy made the discovery that some stone pyramids align with the direction of the sun’s rays during sunrise on the summer solstice, while others are aligned with the rays during sunset on the same day on the summer solstice.

He also discovered that several stone pyramids could accurately point to stars such as Sirius, Aldebaran, and Rigel. The number of spokes in the “wheel” – 28 was also not accidental, this number was tied by many Indian tribes to the lunar cycles.

It is believed that in recent centuries various ceremonies and shamanic rites of visions were held in the Bighorn wheel, but it was also known as a place of healing from diseases and wounds.

There is a legend about how an Indian nicknamed the Burnt Face came here and suddenly saw that his disfigured face was completely healed. And this happened after he had a strange vision with some “little people”.

It is said that many famous Native American leaders treated this building with great respect and reverence, including the Shoshone chief Washakie and the Ne-Persian Chief Joseph.

In 1970, the Bighorn Wheel was designated a National Historic Landmark, and in 2011 it was given the official title of the “National Historic Landmark of Mount Medica”. There are many historical sites in this region, but the wheel is the most famous and mysterious.

Nowadays, it is often visited by people who identify themselves as New Age and Wicca, as well as people who are trying to heal from diseases beyond the control of doctors. Local tribes still hold regular ritual ceremonies here.


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