Mysterious golden chariot washed ashore in India

(ORDO NEWS) — Something strange happened in India, where a piece of debris was seen in the sea harbor of Sunnapally in Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday, when the powerful Cyclone Asani hit the region.

Surprised, the locals swam out to pick up… a real golden chariot! Speaking to the ANI news agency, the official said the chariot may have come from another country, adding that intelligence and top officials have been briefed.

In social networks, they began to offer their versions of the strange find. Some believe that this is an ancient chariot that came from an unknown underwater city.

However, despite the fact that there are many still undiscovered ancient flooded cities, judging by the appearance, it does not look like this object is very ancient.

“An item that looks more like a floating puja mandir was found with the date 16-01-2022 inscribed on it.

Local residents pulled her ashore, after which the police took control of her.”

According to the PTI report, the police suspect she may be of Myanmar origin. It is made of tin sheet and plated with gold.

There was no one on board the chariot, the official added.

The Indian authorities are taking the matter seriously and have called in sappers to make sure the “ship” does not pose a danger to the public.

Now they are planning to bring in experts to study the chariot in hopes of finding out where it may have come from.


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