Mysterious glow was filmed in the night sky over Argentina (VIDEO)

(ORDO NEWS) — Santiago Arevalo was on the beach at midnight to take an astrophotographer of the Milky Way. There were three more people with the man. The group was sitting and talking until 01:30, when it suddenly fell silent. On the other side of the lake, a strange white glow formed over the mountains.

Friends at first decided that the moon was coming out, but it had to happen on the other side. Santiago ran to the camera and started taking pictures.

After a few minutes it became clear that it was not the moon that appeared in the sky, but a point that is slightly larger than the star. Eyewitnesses also noted the presence of a triangle-shaped halo.

It was definitely not an airplane that was photographed in the sky, as there were no red and green lights. Plus, the glow itself was too white. The phenomenon disappeared very quickly, and the glow from it persisted for several seconds.

The group chatted with comrades from the campsite, which was at a different point on the beach. A strange phenomenon was visible to absolutely everyone.

Despite the availability of high-quality images, there were no specialists who could explain what they saw.


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