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Mysterious “ghost tank” caught and delivered to the military base of the Indonesian Navy

Mysterious ghost tank caught and delivered to the military base of the Indonesian Navy

(ORDO NEWS) — In Indonesia, the military caught a dummy of a Chinese Type 15 / ZTQ-15 tank floating in the sea. It is reported by “RG: Russian Weapon”.

According to the newspaper, some time ago an unidentified object resembling a combat vehicle approached an Indonesian drilling platform located near the coast. He soon disappeared – probably carried away by the current. Specialists of the country’s Naval Forces (Navy) tried to find the “ghost tank”, but then they failed to do so.

After some time, the tank again fell into the field of view of the military, and this time they were able to take it in tow and drag it to the nearest naval base. As a result, RG: Russian Weapon notes, it turned out that the Indonesians did not get a real combat vehicle, but a dummy resembling a Chinese Type 15 / ZTQ-15 light tank with a 105-millimeter cannon.

It is known that earlier they wanted to put this car into service with the Marine Corps of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA), but the original is not able to stay on the water.

As the publication suggests, the discovered model was made in China for some purpose, but then it was washed away by waves and carried away into the sea. As a result, the dummy was able to swim to the coast of Indonesia.

“It is not necessarily owned by some military structure – there are many firms in China that manufacture full-scale copies of military equipment,” the newspaper said.

In October, it was reported that the PLA military was using dummies of main battle tanks to train crews. In particular, it became known that inflatable models of the Type 99A main battle tanks, which repeat the dimensions and appearance of a real machine, are used to train future tankers.


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