Mysterious disappearance in India: what happened to the Boeing 777-200ER?

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2014, the Boeing 777-200ER disappeared into the Indian Ocean and since then the passengers of the airliner have been missing.

Several large-scale search expeditions did not yield results, after which the organized search for the aircraft was stopped. What happened to the Malaysian plane?

To date, the fate of the MH370 Boeing 777-200ER flight, which disappeared from radar on March 8, 2014, is still unknown. And it all started so well.

The plane took off from Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur airport in the direction of Beijing with 239 passengers and crew members on board.

The flight assumed a long night journey, the pilot kept in touch with the dispatcher. The technical component of Boeing met all the requirements, the fuel was calculated to the destination.

However, after 40 minutes of flight, the dispatcher began to get in touch with the pilot of the airliner, and in response, silence.

A few minutes later, the plane disappeared from radar altogether. After some time, the dispatching services again tried to get in touch with Boeing, but the attempts were in vain. Everyone was in complete obscurity for almost 7 hours, after which the Boeing 777-200ER was declared missing.

The search for the plane did not stop after its disappearance. Boeing was searched from 8 to 28 March 2014 and from August to January 2017.

Various countries were included in the investigation, spec. Services, American experts and scientists from different countries, even the FBI were connected to the search for the liner.

The surroundings and the bottom of the ocean were also studied. In addition, searches were carried out outside the ocean.

All attempts to find the airliner were unsuccessful. The Boeing 777-200ER has been missing since 2014. However, all passengers and crew members in 2015 were declared dead as a result of an accident.


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