Mysterious death of more than 10 thousand cows in the United States

(ORDO NEWS) — Recently, a video went viral on social media showing hundreds, if not thousands, of cow corpses lying on the ground.

About 10,000 cattle are reported to have died in the United States for unknown reasons in a very short time, practically in just a few days.

In the state of Kansas these days there is an abnormal heat of +40 degrees Celsius and it is she who is mainly blamed for the death of animals.

However, not everything is so simple, in some central and southern states of the United States, elevated temperatures have been recorded for more than a year, but such a massive loss of livestock has not yet been seen there.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has officially confirmed the death of only 2,000 cows so far, according to Reuters, adding that this was due to high temperature and humidity.

In the meantime, it has been tweeted that more than 3,000 cattle suddenly died at one ranch in southwest Kansas last weekend and that similar cases are now piling up in the US.

There, on Twitter, one of the locals named Trucker Travis said that he did not believe the authorities, because he had never seen the heat kill cows in herds before.

“The feedlots have running water all the time, and some farmers even put water on their cattle on purpose to keep them cool.

So I don’t know how this could happen if it wasn’t someone’s negligence.”

A user with the nickname “Crypto-Liz Taylor” writes similar things:

“I live in Arizona, right in the middle of the desert, and I’ve never seen cows die like that.

We have feedlots and dairies, but I’ve never seen cows die from the heat.

And I live in one of the hottest States of America. It doesn’t happen here even when there’s a drought.”

Meanwhile, University of Kansas veterinarian A.D. Terpoff says the massive cow death was due to a combination of intense heat during the day and lack of cool nights, which “caused heat stress to the cows.”


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