Mysterious creature found on the UK beach

(ORDO NEWS) — Someone is quite skeptical about such finds, especially if from childhood they believed that there were no “blank spots” left on Earth exclusively in anything. But experts who study the world’s oceans are sure that 95 percent of its depth is still a complete mystery for mankind.

And therefore another creature unknown to science, which was recently discovered by vacationers on Ainsdale Beach in the UK, once again confirms that it is so. The decomposing corpse, photographed and posted on the Internet by one of the bathers on this beach, is about four meters long, has four fins and, according to senior adviser to Natural England, Stephen Ayliffe, looks like some kind of whale.

Unfortunately, the mysterious sea animal has already strongly decomposed, and therefore it will hardly be possible to identify it. Approximately the same picture is observed almost always when the world’s oceans throw their next mystery victim to the surface. As a rule, researchers in this case are divided into two camps. Some are trying to prove that this is an already known species of sea animal, simply deformed by the surf and time. Others are more serious about such gifts from the ocean, but, unfortunately, even they cannot say what kind of creatures they really inhabit the depths of the sea.

For example, today’s mysterious monster has, according to independent researchers, a reptile face, a long bony tail and claws. If we consider that the inhabitants of coastal settlements and sailors often see also living mysterious sea animals (which is only a thirty- meter Karadag snake that periodically appears off the coast of Crimea), then there is nothing surprising in the statement that we still know little about the world around us …

But what can I say about the world, a person has a very superficial idea of ​​himself …

Mysterious creature on the UK beach 4


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