Mysterious blue object fell into the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii

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(ORDO NEWS) — Before the New Year, several Honolulu residents spotted a deep blue UFO in the sky in the evening. One of the women went after the object in a car and was able to see how it falls into the ocean.

Moira filmed a UFO on her phone for a while, and then followed him in a car. She followed the object for three miles and then saw it fall into the ocean. The woman immediately dialed the emergency number and told what had happened. Officials said there were no aircraft accidents at the time and therefore the FAA had nothing to do with the incident.

This object was seen by other residents. Some managed to take photographs of UFOs. Moira added that after a while she saw another object. She immediately called her husband to make sure she wasn’t dreaming about it. He confirmed his wife’s words. The second UFO was white, but it was heading exactly where the blue object was flying before.

A couple of days after the incident, the press asked the local police what really happened and what exactly fell into the water. The police were also unable to provide any response.


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