Mysterious blue hole forms off Florida coast

(ORDO NEWS) — From time to time, sinkholes appear on land, which absorb absolutely all objects. As it turned out, holes also form under the water, scientists call them blue holes. The formations are not caves: they have only one similarity to them – a large extent.

Formations go deep into the bowels of the planet. So far, scientists cannot speak for sure about holes, since only recently they were discovered and are now actively studying. As early as next month, experts are investigating one of the blue holes called the “Green Banana”, which is located off the coast of Florida.

According to preliminary data, the hole stretches 130 meters deep and is 47 meters below sea level. The group of scientists included experts from around the world.

In the near future, microbes and bacteria in the hole, the available nutrients, and the connection of the hole with the Florida groundwater system, which is adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico, will be studied in detail.

Scientists have a unique chance to study life forms and underwater conditions in truly unique underwater formations.

The NOAA-funded project will run for three years. During this time, experts must collect enough information to analyze blue holes. Scientists from the Mote Marine Laboratory, the University of Florida Atlantic, the Georgia Institute of Technology and the United States Geological Society will participate in the research.


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