Myanmar will launch its first satellite in 2021 with the help of Japan

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Myanmar plans to launch its first satellite in 2021 using Japanese technology. Engineers and researchers in the country will develop an ultra-small satellite and put it into Earth orbit with the help of the Japanese University of Hokkaido and Tohoku University.

The satellite will be an Earth observation satellite that will be used to increase productivity in agriculture, as well as to prevent and reduce damage from natural disasters and to monitor environmental pollution, said Yukihiro Takahashi, professor at Hokkaido University and director of the University’s Space Mission Center.

According to Takahashi, graduate students from Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University will come to Japan and will develop a microsatellite weighing about 50 kg and a maximum size of about 50 cm.

Under this program, Myanmar’s engineers will develop two satellites within five years, and thanks to the launch in 2021, they will gain experience in satellite design and analysis of satellite data. The total cost of the program is approximately $ 16 million, including satellite development and launch costs, which will be funded by the Myanmar government.


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