Mummy in an Israeli museum turned out to be made of grain

(ORDO NEWS) — The mummy, the size of a child about 3 thousand years old, which for a long time was part of the collection of the Israel National Maritime Museum in Haifa, turned out to be an imitation of mud and grain, according to the Daily Mail.

It is reported that the Egyptian sarcophagus in the form of the god Osiris with a “mummy” and another small sarcophagus, which is about three thousand years old, have long been part of the Israel archaeological museum, but its staff doubted the authenticity of official records that they contained mummified hearts … It was assumed that a mummified child could be in a larger sarcophagus.

The sarcophagi were sent for examination, where they were examined using computed tomography. The larger mummy turned out to be a semblance of a human, made of grain and dirt. In a smaller sarcophagus in the form of the god of the sky and the sun Horus, a mummified bird was discovered, according to scientists, it was a falcon.

“In ancient Egypt, when a tomb for a man was created, they (the Egyptians – ed.) Placed certain artifacts and even some animals there along with mummified remains. And birds in ancient Egypt played a very important role … because they were believed to be protectors , they were often placed in tombs with pharaohs, “said one of the scientists taking part in the study, Marcia Javitt.

The scientists noted that they are very excited about the results and intend to continue the study.


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