Mummies with golden tongues found in Egyptian tombs

(ORDO NEWS) — In Egypt, two ancient tombs were simultaneously excavated, which are located in the province of Minya. Inside the burials, experts found skeletons that belonged to people and had golden tongues.

An interesting find was made by experts from the Barcelona and Cairo universities. The tombs are approximately 2,500 years old. They are located in Upper Egypt, in the archaeological site of El Banas. The bad news was that one tomb was plundered many centuries ago, but the robbers were not able to take away absolutely all the ancient artifacts.

Right next to the entrance to the first tomb, experts found the remains of two people. Their feature was the presence of golden tongues. Inside the burial, there is a huge sarcophagus, for the manufacture of which limestone was used. The lid of the coffin is made in the form of a female figure.

Nobody touched the second tomb, and therefore the archaeologists were the first to enter it. Hasan Amer said that this burial also contained a limestone coffin, and its lid was made in the shape of a human figure. In addition, the cell contained two niches in the wall containing various grave goods.

Scientists managed to find a huge number of ancient jugs, 402 earthenware figurines, beads, amulets and much more. Most of all, in this case, they were interested in languages ​​made of gold, which were sent to the laboratory for further research.

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