MOUNT ETNA: The famous volcano has grown by thirty meters in six months

(ORDO NEWS) — Mount Etna is considered the highest and at the same time the most active volcano in Europe. Experts noted the fact that over the past six months there have been so many eruptions that this has provoked the rise of the mountain in height by almost 30 meters.

It is reported by Live Science.

The highest part of the volcano is a young crater located in the southeastern part of the mountain. Scientists have provided data that this crater is considered the tallest in the entire history of mankind.

The sudden growth of the volcano was triggered by a huge number of eruptions. Since mid-February of this year, 50 eruptions have been recorded, which have caused the crater to change shape. The experts were able to notice the difference only after analyzing the images obtained with the help of satellites. In this case, the error can be no more than 3 meters.

It is believed that Mount Etna was originally formed as an underwater volcano. It gradually rose above sea level during each of its eruptions and became higher and higher due to the huge amount of solidified lava. This is exactly the information NASA representatives provide about the volcano. Today, Etna is mostly closed by lava flows from those powerful eruptions that took place about 300 thousand years ago.


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