Mother during clinical death did not even remember about her two children

(ORDO NEWS) — On January 14, 2016, Missy M. was on the brink of life and death: during the operation, something went wrong, the doctors were about to declare death. Fortunately, the story ended happily.

The woman found herself in a desert area, which was covered with thick fog. The soul hovered between the clouds, Missy saw the walls surrounding the human city. It was clear that everything was not happening on Earth, but at the same time there was no dream.

The woman observed bright colors, there was no pain, excitement and fear. In addition, there was no desire to return, there was not even a thought about children who could become orphans.

Suddenly Missy felt a presence, then it was Jesus. The sand rose into the air, forming a whirlpool. The woman was already ready to enter the city, but suddenly the images of her father and grandmother appeared. They said the time had not come yet. It is important to note that the message was telepathic.

Missy noted that she wanted to stay in another world, but she was destined to be different … The woman opened her eyes on the operating table. Doctors, having heard the story, believed everything that was said, because they regularly hear similar things from other patients.

Peace, love and beauty of another world made Missy forget about her sons 23 and 16 years old.


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