Most complete light curves and spectra of Type Ia supernovae

(ORDO NEWS) — Type Ia supernovae, which are “standard candles” for determining cosmological distances, have made it possible to establish that the expansion of our universe is accelerating. Nevertheless, the nature of the host stars of these flares and the mechanisms of the explosion still remain a mystery to researchers.

An international group of scientists led by Dr. Wang Lingzhi, affiliated with the scientific centers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences South America Center for Astronomy (CAS-SACA) and the Joint Astronomical Center of China and Chile (China- Chile Joint Center for Astronomy, CCJCA), studied a nearby Type Ia supernova called SN 2017cbv and obtained the most complete light curve and spectral samples ever collected for a single supernova.

“This dataset is truly unique. It is characterized by the most complete time coverage of observations in the optical and infrared ranges, which makes it possible to use it as a “gold standard” for comparative studies of other supernovae, ”said Dr. Lingzhi.

Professor Nicholas B. Suntzeff, study co-author and pioneer in supernova research, said: “The light curves presented in this study will be shown again and again in scientific discussions around the world as the best example of photometric measurements of supernova behavior. type Ia “.

“A reliable estimate of interstellar extinction and reddening caused by dust in host galaxies of Type Ia supernovae is one of the keys to reliably applying these stellar flares to measure cosmological distances – which is fundamental to studying dark energy in the universe,” said another author. research by Professor Wang Lifan.

“Using this unique dataset, we can impose constraints on the mass of nickel synthesized during the flare, build a supernova explosion model that is most consistent with observational data, and impose a 0.1 solar mass constraint on hydrogen mass,” said Dr. Lingzhi.


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