Mortality from coronavirus in Europe will grow fivefold: new WHO forecast

(ORDO NEWS) — The World Health Organization said that soon the number of deaths from coronavirus in Europe may increase 5 times compared to the figure that was in April this year.

According to Hans Kluge, WHO Director for the European Region, the number of diseases is now rapidly increasing, while the number of deaths, on the contrary, has decreased. This trend is due to mass testing of young people who are carriers of the disease, but do not have symptoms.

The situation may soon change dramatically. People will be locked in their homes, the death rate will increase 4-5 times. Forecasts that are based on epidemiological models are far from optimistic. Their implementation is expected around January. When everything will be restored, it is very difficult to say.

The WHO recommends, depending on the current situation, not to hesitate with a strict quarantine. It needs to be introduced in almost all European countries. This is the only way to deal with a pandemic that will not recede by itself. Routine precautions, including wearing masks and washing hands, can save 281,000 lives in 53 countries.

The worst is just ahead. The new wave of the pandemic will drag on until at least spring, and people are aware of this. Thus, the Americans have already begun to stock up on food and essential goods. Only closer to summer, the release of vaccines is expected, of which there are ten today. Everyone hopes that in 2022 people will be able to return to full life. 2021 will be a turning point: the subsequent development of events will depend on the organization of mass vaccination by the authorities.


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