More twins are being born around the world than ever before

(ORDO NEWS) — Since the 80s of the last century, twins have begun to be born much more often. Experts speculate that this may be due to the use of completely new fertility treatments. At the same time, a real “twin boom” may well come in the near future.

Today, the percentage of twins in the total number of newborns is much higher than before. The reason for this is the more frequent use of IVF, as well as other similar methods of assisted reproduction.

Christian Moden, who was involved in this study, said that earlier there were only 9 cases of twins per 1000 births. Today the figure has increased to 12 cases. He is confident that a “twin boom” may come soon. This can happen in North America and Europe, where modern methods are used to treat infertility, which are constantly being improved.

The study showed that the number of twins increased the most in North America – by 71%. Also, the number of births of twins has increased markedly in Europe and Asia.


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